Could compassionate love work in companies?

Compassionate love

It’s the antithesis of KPI-tracking, but maybe that’s the whole point. Continue Reading

Meaningful jobs: What factors do we need?

Meaningful jobs

Nice new research from MIT here. Continue Reading


Can a compassionate work culture lead to more profits?


Emma Seppala, a professor at Stanford, has a new book out called The Happiness Track. One of the most popular things I’ve written in the past few months, ‘You’ll Never Have A Good Work Culture Unless You Stop Promoting Assholes,’ is rooted… Continue Reading

Life Key: Move away from fear, greed, and ignorance

Greed Fear Ignorance

This is kind of interesting. MIT has this project called “ULab,” which is designed to transform higher education. That’s a pretty complex topic to tackle, because a lot of the problems with higher education come from the context of how… Continue Reading

MLK was a flawed man. Maybe that’s the point.

MLK Was Flawed. It's OK.

Here’s a couple of concepts we generally know about MLK, but don’t often discuss: He cheated on his wife He smoked cigarettes fairly regularly; his autopsy at 39 claimed his heart was about 60 He apparently plagiarized portions of his doctoral dissertation… Continue Reading


Let’s discuss Adam Lanza and Newtown for a few moments

Let’s start with the obvious. There’s no real way to quantify a school shooting; it’s horror. It doesn’t really matter if it’s 3 people shot, or 20 people shot; we tend to like the bigger numbers because we understand that says more horror,… Continue Reading