Good corporate culture has a negative side

Corporate Culture

A mostly no-bullshit approach to what’s a “way to pay people less” to many senior decision-makers. Continue Reading

Why your work culture sucks (and how to fix it)

Work Culture

A violation of core business tenets. Continue Reading

The increasing importance of organizational structure

Importance of organizational structure

Are we about to embark on a sea change around organizational structure? Deloitte just did a study of 7,000+ companies in 130+ countries (it’s called Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016) and above you can see what the leadership of various… Continue Reading

A hidden key to 2016 strategy planning

Strategy Planning

Hopefully you’ve already done some 2016 strategy planning for whatever size business you work at or run — because, you know, we’re halfway through Month II of the year at this point — but even if you have, you can… Continue Reading


Worst culture: Good ideas are seen as a threat

Bad Culture = No Time For New Ideas

You ever have a moment at any job you’ve ever held where you send out an e-mail with a good idea, or propose a good idea at a meeting, and a bunch of people just stare at you — or… Continue Reading

This is why ‘a networked culture’ is important

Connected Networks At Work

Harsh truth about any type of business school/business education: you will have a lot of breathless conversations about SWOTs and case studies and all that. People especially love to analyze why a company failed — and a big one that comes up… Continue Reading


Change meeting structure and foster transparency

Transparency At Work

Cool article on Inc about a company in Iowa (that’s also 104% solar powered, as you can see above) that went to a “flat” management structure and practiced transparency. It’s a relatively small company, and I know something like that would be… Continue Reading


A bad culture will cost you money (and everything)

Don't have a culture of silence at your firm

One of the most unbelievable things about work to me is that old-school, high-up-the-ladder guys always give total lip service to ideas like “culture” and “employee engagement.” I understand why on face. Those are soft, fluffy topics. They can’t immediately… Continue Reading