“They’re just doing their job”

Work is a game to many, and the point of a game is to win. That’s why a lot of stuff never really changes for the rest of us. Continue Reading


The ecosystem of mistakes being made at work

Like many things at work, this is about how good at their job your manager is. Continue Reading


On virtue-signaling at work

It’s not just a political thing, fam. Continue Reading


Diversity training: Too often, it feels like a PR stunt

The myth of team diversity

Some new research indicates that it does (yay!) but not for the groups that actually need it (boo). Continue Reading


“Bring your whole self to work?” LOL, that’s horrific advice.

“Being authentic” can often (sadly) mean “signing up for the next layoff list.” Continue Reading

Why don’t we discuss “manager engagement” or “manager experience?”

Strategic account managers

Shouldn’t we want those who make the trains run to feel good about their jobs? Continue Reading

“Emotion is integral to getting our work done.” LOL, do managers know that?

Managers feel way too busy to worry about employees’ emotions, and most just view those emotions as a distraction anyway. Continue Reading

So what exactly would you say “employee engagement” really is?

Employee engagement ideas

Some of this is vocabulary and some of this seems to be us not thinking through what these ideas even are supposed to mean. Continue Reading