Bureaucratic management ain’t going anywhere

Bureaucratic management

9-14 layers of micromanaging is the new black. Continue Reading


Strategic decision making, simplified to a chart

The beauty of simplicity. Continue Reading


The average middle manager ain’t pulling his/her weight

Middle manager

What is the ideal job role for a middle manager? What should they legitimately be doing? Continue Reading


Yep, you need a work vacation STAT

Work vacation

More likely to get a raise if you take a vacation? Don’t mind if I do. Continue Reading


Have conversations about career skills, not job role

Career skills

Playing Frogger with corporate politics. Continue Reading


Why do we assume group chat is productive at work?

Group chat

“A harried culture of constant interruption.” Continue Reading


“We’ll keep your resume on file!” And then what?

Keep your resume on file

AI might make hiring more effective here. Continue Reading


Business, simplified: It’s about your problem solving approach

Problem solving approach

Let’s keep this real simple for you. Continue Reading