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Lowe’s has a good answer when people don’t think employee engagement is tied to revenue

I’ve written a lot about employee engagement on this blog — such as here and here — because it seems like a major topic of the next few years. Millennials will become the… Continue reading

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People really love to deify the internal culture of tech companies

Check this out: Glassdoor released a full report this week on “The Top Companies For Culture And Values,” and 11 of the top 25 spots went to tech-type companies. Twitter was No. 1. Google was… Continue reading

Want influence? The six factors are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, likability and consensus.

If you look at the business world of 2014, the idea of being an influencer is pretty important. After all, social media has played a role in adjusting the conventional marketing funnel — and the… Continue reading

This 430 million days of unused paid vacation a year is so sad for Americans

You may have seen some of these stats — they’ve been on morning shows and evening news for a couple of days now. Basically, Americans don’t take as much vacation as they should;… Continue reading

Don’t try to make work decisions in the afternoon

I’m a big stickler on this idea that the workday is kind of a mess in terms of how it’s formulated — I’ve written about it here, here, here and here — and… Continue reading

Is Tampa representative of the American city crossroads?

I have a lot of family in Florida, but admittedly I don’t know a ton about Tampa. I’ve always found that people in Florida tend to disparage areas that aren’t their own —… Continue reading

The great irony of business teamwork and why ‘together’ is a super-important word

Interesting article on Harvard Business Review right now. Follow the bouncing ball here: 1. As a species, humans weren’t big enough or scary enough to survive pre-historic times without banding together in groups. Hence, from an… Continue reading

Maybe we should segment the workday more

Here’s a new article in Harvard Business Review. It makes many of the same points that others in the workday-optimization space have made, but this nugget is interesting: People and organizations looking for brave… Continue reading