We really gotta change how we conceptualize the work week

Too many old-school managerial assumptions need to get blown the eff up. Continue Reading


Automation is going to cripple us unless we care about re-training

Might be time to pull our heads out of our asses on this one. Continue Reading


Analytics is a leadership problem, not a technical one

We gotta think on this differently. Continue Reading


Why is compensation policy even a HR issue?

Compensation policy

This kinda makes no sense. Continue Reading


The five year plan should be a relic by now

Five year plan

Compare your life on October 17, 2012 to now and let’s talk about the relevance of this concept. Continue Reading


Stop inverting the risk continuum on decisions

What you can control often means more than what should really matter. Continue Reading


The Great Prosperity ain’t walking through that door

Your company doesn’t want you to be rich, no. Continue Reading


Is “the big idea” dead?

Probably not. But the way we try to develop big ideas inside orgs is on life support. Continue Reading