Civility in the workplace seems to be in decline

Civility in the workplace

Respect, civility … a white collar drone can expect not these things. Continue Reading


CEO trust is in the toilet

CEO trust

… ultimately, though, how surprising is this and how much does it matter? Continue Reading

Trust in the workplace globally: 46%

Trust In The Workplace

Compensation being unfair is a big reason 1 in 2 people essentially don’t trust their bosses and the company they work for. Continue Reading

Strategic management: The four pillars

Strategic Management

Digital paper-pushing is often confused for ‘strategic management,’ but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to change how and what you focus on by a few degrees. Continue Reading

The leadership void, explained

Linda Hill and Kent Lineback appear to collaborate often, including on this book about “imperatives for becoming a great leader.” (The No. 1 imperative for that, IMHO, is caring about something more than just targets.) They wrote an article for Harvard Business Review on… Continue Reading


Worst culture: Good ideas are seen as a threat

Bad Culture = No Time For New Ideas

You ever have a moment at any job you’ve ever held where you send out an e-mail with a good idea, or propose a good idea at a meeting, and a bunch of people just stare at you — or… Continue Reading


Do we place too high of a value on “reputation?”

Do we over-value reputation?

There are a good deal of concepts in “the modern world” (I only put that in quotes because it kind of sounds like a buzzword) that we seem to assign a lot of value to, but maybe we should rethink… Continue Reading

Income inequality is eroding human trust

The notion of “haves” and “have-nots” may erode our entire social fabric. Continue Reading