How do we foster trust in new ideas?

This is important personally and professionally, and perhaps now more than ever. Continue Reading


Civility in the workplace seems to be in decline

Civility in the workplace

Respect, civility … a white collar drone can expect not these things. Continue Reading

CEO trust is in the toilet

CEO trust

… ultimately, though, how surprising is this and how much does it matter? Continue Reading

Trust in the workplace globally: 46%

Trust In The Workplace

Compensation being unfair is a big reason 1 in 2 people essentially don’t trust their bosses and the company they work for. Continue Reading

Strategic management: The four pillars

Strategic Management

Digital paper-pushing is often confused for ‘strategic management,’ but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to change how and what you focus on by a few degrees. Continue Reading

The leadership void, explained

Linda Hill and Kent Lineback appear to collaborate often, including on this book about “imperatives for becoming a great leader.” (The No. 1 imperative for that, IMHO, is caring about something more than just targets.) They wrote an article for Harvard Business Review on… Continue Reading


Worst culture: Good ideas are seen as a threat

Bad Culture = No Time For New Ideas

You ever have a moment at any job you’ve ever held where you send out an e-mail with a good idea, or propose a good idea at a meeting, and a bunch of people just stare at you — or… Continue Reading


Do we place too high of a value on “reputation?”

Do we over-value reputation?

There are a good deal of concepts in “the modern world” (I only put that in quotes because it kind of sounds like a buzzword) that we seem to assign a lot of value to, but maybe we should rethink… Continue Reading