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Could urban physics significantly impact organizational culture?

This is pretty interesting. Just like social physics has cropped up as a concept recently (especially as regards health care), now something called “urban physics” is cropping up, specifically at MIT and NYU,… Continue reading

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Maybe it’s time to just blow up the idea of performance reviews

I just decided to do a Google News search for “performance reviews” out of generalized interest and came up with these two headlines — “Is it time to kill them?” and “Five reasons… Continue reading

Could acqui-hiring work outside the tech space?

The basic concept of “acqui-hiring” is pretty simple — as more tech talent (primarily that’s the industry where this happens) opts for start-ups over bigger companies, the bigger companies find it harder to… Continue reading

Resumes show eligibility, but not suitability. Could a company called Saberr change that?

I basically spent the better part of the past year looking for a job and, predominantly, being frustrated in that process. I really, truly believe that Human Resources needs to re-think its internal structure… Continue reading

For marketing to have more introverts, we need to flip the old-school hiring script on its head

This article is pretty cool / interesting and describes why marketing needs more introverts — as opposed to the extroverts more commonly associated with that business sector. The central reason should be logical… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: if you have a relatively standard office job, could you theoretically do it from a pub each day?

In many ways, this is a ludicrous discussion, and I want to admit that up front. The largest occupation in America right now is retail, and retail jobs tend to be things you… Continue reading

Larry Page wasn’t necessarily wrong on the “people shouldn’t have to work full-time” thing

There has been heat in the press for some of Larry Page’s comments at this Khosla Ventures “Fireside Chat” recently. You can read all about it here, but essentially, here’s what the Google… Continue reading

Travel in your 20s shouldn’t be a speed bump for your career. Can we just kill off the linear resume, please?

There’s a whole boatload of emerging context on the world of millennials vs. the world of their parents and grandparents, and some of it — such as aspects about where to live and… Continue reading