Employee performance evaluation, done the productive way

Employee performance evaluation

Problem 1: how we organize people. Problem 2: how we reward them when they do a good job. Can we solve this? Continue Reading


Career conversations: Can we make this a thing?

Career Conversations

So, let’s get this straight. Business is supposed to be about growth and looking forward. New potential and opportunities, right? But … we evaluate employees using a method that only looks backward. Hmm. Maybe it’s time to fix that. Continue Reading


Performance metrics: Evolve or die

Performance Metrics

The performance metrics you use (both internally and externally) are probably outdated for the digital age. So, what now? Continue Reading


Employee evaluation: The comedy of removing it

Employee Evaluation

What happens when you replace a bad idea with no idea? Nothing better. Continue Reading


Employee performance: A pervasive myth

Employee Performance

We let ourselves believe a lot of things about work, and how people relate to work, that aren’t really true. Continue Reading

90 day review: Let’s do this more

90 day review

The four questions. Continue Reading

Why the performance appraisal is a joke

Performance Appraisal

Research from Wharton that will blow your mind on the notion of “good employees” vs. “bad employees.” Continue Reading

What if we let employees design their own jobs?

What if employees designed their own jobs?

Let’s start with these points, OK? The hiring process isn’t the most amazing thing at most companies Job descriptions are often not fully indicative of what the person will actually do A lot of people exist at work and don’t… Continue Reading