How to fix your onboarding program

Fix your onboarding program

I’m a weird person, and I have weird thoughts as I walk down the street, and yesterday was no different. It was slightly after work and I was going to meet my wife for a meeting. Completely based on nothing,… Continue Reading


Business acronym to understand: B.R.A.V.E.

Valuable business acronym = B.R.A.VE.

In a business context, B.R.A.V.E. indicates or stands for: Behaviors Relationships Attitudes Values Environment That’s pretty much everything, right?


Onboarding: Hit the ground running = total farce of a concept

Onboarding, Baby! HR!

Love the concept of onboarding (an employee’s first days/weeks/months at a company). Love it. Went to school to learn more about it, that was a waste, and I ended up working in marketing. Oh well. Life happens, I guess. You live and learn. Just… Continue Reading


These stats about on-boarding will make you gouge your eyes out with a rusty spike

Onboarding Stats Are Depressing

Ah, on-boarding. (Or is it “onboarding?”) The process of a new employee’s first day/days/weeks/months. It’s something every company should have a plan for, but almost none ever seem to. People view it as a transactional thing: meeting with your boss, walk-through with… Continue Reading


What if we trained people at work to do multiple things at once?

Train people to multi-task

The whole idea of multi-tasking is basically a myth, even though I’ve worked in dozens of offices where people consistently refer to themselves as doing it all the time. It’s a myth in part because there’s no such real thing… Continue Reading

What if Human Resources made one small change to the on-boarding process?

I’ve written about the on-boarding process a couple of times — notably this blog post — because I think it’s really interesting how little time / thinking / attention / context is typically paid to it, despite the fact that… Continue Reading


Why aren’t direct job goals discussed more during the first-day/first-week onboarding process?

It might be time for an overhaul of the “onboarding” process at most organizations. Continue Reading